Stream Report – December 3, 2017

The latest report on the Lehigh River comes to us courtesy of James Tyger, owner of Flies by Tyger.

Where – Lehigh Gorge (Rockport access)

When – Sunday, Dec 3rd. 930a- 430p, took an hour lunch break.

Water – flow was around 200cfs (really low for the gorge, but great for wading) and water was clear with that tannic stain to the water. Looks like tea. 36° @ 1030am.

Weather – mainly cloudy, air temp was 29° when I pulled into the parking lot. Temps rose to mid/high 30s in the afternoon.

The bike trail is open to drive down for the rifle hunting season, so we took full advantage of that. We started about 3 miles down stream from the access point and nymphed our way upstream, focusing on tail outs, and deep ledges. Fish were caught in deeper water, on golden stonefly nymphs, and smaller hot spot nymphs. All browns, no rainbows.

Fishing was generally slow, and most of the action came after lunch. Probably due to water temps rising a bit throughout the afternoon. Although it was slow, we did better than we thought and the fish seemed more active considering water temps. I bet there are alot of refuges for the trout, with all those feeder streams flowing into the Lehigh up there.

“Everytime I go up there, there’s a moment of awe when I lay my eyes on the river…it’s amazing.” – James Tyger

And, from Sky Blue Outfitters – This report from Rick Nyles on the Manatawny.

Finally we had a regular summer of rain and the stocked rainbows in the Manatawny are doing well. The are colorful and fat. Fish are working the surface in the afternoon in the slow water and foam lines. Size 18 BWO’s get you fish. The wild browns have been plentiful and I caught more this year then the past three years in the winter.