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Mainstream Outfitters is your local full-service fly-fishing shop. Are you tired of the impersonal experience of big box stores? Tired of getting blank stares when you ask the employees at the Sporting Goods counter a question about your fly fishing needs? Would you like to skip the fast pace and bad attitude that most of those retail giants offer… in favor of a friendly, welcoming, full-service fly-fishing shop? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Nestled in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Mainstream Outfitters is owned and operated by Diane Louden, whose family has operated the adjacent Dave’s Sports Center for over sixty years.

Mainstream Outfitters was founded in the spring of 2001. It was clear the area needed resources dedicated to fly fishing. We sought to meet that demand, creating a space that catered to fly fisherman while offering them a better overall experience when they shopped, talked fishing, or just perused our shelves. We’ve been doing that ever since… and we’d  be pleased to share your love of fly fishing with you. Come down and have a chat with us about our favorite subject… because it’s yours too. Mainstream Outfitters stands ready to help you with all your fly fishing needs.


The Windholz family has been involved in hunting, camping, and fishing for over sixty years. After founding Dave’s Sports Center in Doylestown in 1963, we identified the need for a dedicated space for fly fishermen in 2001. At the time, the space was used for selling boats and motors, and over the years, we gradually phased out that portion of our business. This left us free to devote ourselves to our core business at Dave’s — spin- and reel-fishing — while offering the area’s fly fishermen a welcoming, friendly space to shop for all their fly fishing needs. We even did some guiding when the store opened. We’d like the opportunity to do that again, as well as holding classes on fly fishing and related topics.

Would you like to join us? All you have to do is come on down to Mainstream Outfitters and share our love of fly fishing with us. Our parents worked alongside each other every day of their lives, instilling in us the love of camping, hunting, and fishing that we share to this day. Our multi-faceted retail space offers you fair, honest, and knowledgeable service from people who are part of this community and who won’t play games with you. You don’t spend six decades in hunting, camping, and fishing by accident. We’d love a chance to share the Mainstream Outfitters difference with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Where are you located, and when are you open?

A. Mainstream Outfitters is located at…

1127 N Easton Rd, Doylestown, PA 18902
(215) 766-1244

Our hours are…

Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm
Saturday, 9am to 5pm
Sunday, 9am to 3pm

Q. I notice you share an address with Dave’s Sports Center.

A. That’s because we’re owned and run by the same family. Dave’s Sports Center is a tackle and sporting goods shop that our family has run for over sixty years. Among other things, Dave’s carries bait-fishing and spin-fishing supplies. In 2001, we founded Mainstream Outfitters to meet the needs of the area’s fly fishermen. We have everything you need for fly fishing.

Q. What do you carry?

A. We carry everything you need to outfit yourself for fly fishing. We’re a platinum-level Orvis dealer, and we also offer a full selection of products by St. Croix, Cortland, Frogg Toggs, Loon, Bimini Bay, and many more. Do you need flies? We carry over 300 patterns! Don’t search endlessly online. Instead, come in and check us out personally. We guarantee you’ll appreciate the difference that our personalized service and friendly staff can make.

Q. Why should I shop with Mainstream Outfitters when I can just go online and find what I need?

A. In two words, personalized service. Yes, you can go online and find just about anything you need… if you know exactly what you want, you don’t mind buying it without touching or examining it, and you don’t need or want any help. But if you’d like the personalized service of our knowledgeable staff, and you’d like to actually see and handle what you’re buying before you do, come on down to Mainstream Outfitters.

We are fly fishermen just like you. When our company opened, it was because we wanted to be more involved in the community, offering guiding and a well-rounded fly-fishing product base to people who wanted a better experience when shopping for fly-fishing gear… and enjoying the pursuit of fly-fishing while they did it. We still feel that way, and with as many decades in the business as our family has, we think you’ll agree.

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